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Panoramic Image of the Cement Boat at State Beach, Aptos, CA.
Photo by Gary Emerson Hart  08'

This is my Resource Section: It contains many great Digital Photography and Digital Art Images,
linked to a wealth of interesting and useful information, i.e.
Product reviews, essays, journals, software techniques and galleries of great work. 

Here are some of my personal favorite sites, just double click logo or highlighted areas:  


  DPS great online classes and resources.

All Things Photography and try "PhotoShopNews" these sites are very good.

   DPReview for the Latest Digital Camera News.       Photo Forum and Posting.

This is the "wildest new gadget" ( tripod robot ) now available that  turns your small digital "point and shoot camera" into an outrageous
Panoramic Image making machine. See "The Gigapan System",  also see their ""  link  for gigapixel  Panoramas to view.

In addition, try a couple of more Digital Image sites to review,  "Megapixel" and "Discover Digital Photography".

Another site with general Digital Photography and Digital Imaging news and details is, "Photo District News". 
Sometimes has contest information and good photo-source contacts.

If you're new to Digital Photography, here is a site with answers to most of your most  Frequently Asked Questions. 

After my recent trip to Africa, I have great admiration for the Photographer and Artist.........Peter Beard

Anybody interested in Wildlife Photography and lives in the Santa Cruz, California area, must see  Frans Lanting Photography  
work in his new Westside Gallery, great stuff.

Another Photographer's work that I really love is  Stephen Johnson
  I want to be just like him when I grow-up.  
(it's slow loading, but worth the wait).

A very good Photographer colleague and customer of mine is another must see site; Tom Jacobs Photography   
with great local and travel images.
 My favorite Panoramic software for digital stitching more that two images together is located an this site;
"The Panorama Factory"
and is very highly rated and has more options that CS3.

How about this site for a the ultimate Panoramic Image by "Artist M.Koller".
How about 30 miles long
of San Francisco Landscapes, Seamless City

Here is some file preparation data below;

File Output Size Data Chart

Example for an 8 x 10 print. The file size at 200 ppi will be (8" x 200 pixels/inch) x (10" x 200 ppi) = 1600 px by 2000 px.
The total number of pixels is, 3,200,000. Since we have one byte each for RGB color (3),
we have 3,200,000 pixels x 3 bytes per pixel = 9.6 MB divided by (1MB = 1,048,576 bytes) the finished file size for printing,
should be about 9.2 MB.

Output Print Size          @150 ppi             @200 ppi             @300 ppi

11x14"                           10 MB                  17 MB                    38 MB

16x20"                           21 MB                  36 MB                    80 MB 

20x28"                           36 MB                  64 MB                   144 MB  

32x 44"                          90 MB                  160 MB                  360 MB 

The high quality of the Epson Stylus Pro 9600 printer using UltraChrome inks, will do the rest for beautiful output.