BIO........... Gary Emerson Hart

Designer / Photographer

A fourth generation Californian born in 1943, in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Raised around hot rods, surfing and motorcycles. Educated in the Technical
Arts at Foothill and San Jose Colleges. Gary received a summer work scholarship to IBM
in San Jose in 1965 and started his Design career. He worked in the Machine
Design and Engineering Group where he quickly advanced.

For the last 40 years, Gary has been a very successful Designer in the

Product Development field, specializing in being the technical link between
"Industrial Design and Engineering" for a wide range of products from bicycle parts
to Bio Tech equipment  and Electro-Mechanical products as Gary Hart Designs.
The last 25 years, also with other adventures, he has been very involved with
Computer Aided Designs (CAD), for product development and Digital Imaging.

Gary has always had a love for the Arts and Design. In the late 60's after

restoring an old Victorian home in Los Gatos, he followed his art interest
in the form of Metal Sculpture in his basement studio. In the mid 70's Gary
started a different project in converting an old Art Deco rental space into a
very unique and successful Artisian Gallery in Los Gatos called "Puttin' on the Ritz".
This Gallery was a real talent show place for many Fine Artists and
Crafts people for quite a few years. It was well known in the Bay Area
and did a very good business.

In the late 70's, still working as a Designer / Sculptor, sold his interest in the

Gallery business to pursue photography. He became pretty good at this while
studying photography at night classes and continuing to be around the
gallery environment.

In the early 80's Gary met Peg, his wife to be and also an avid photographer.

They setup their first darkroom to do zone system black and white photography.
Later they switched to colored prints. With their other passion of travel photography,
they both set out on a trip around the United States and Canada for several months,
they have an impressive collection of Art and Landscape Photos.

In the mid 80's they moved to Santa Cruz to the beautiful coastal setting

perfect for Landscape Photography. Continuing Gary Hart Designs,
he found himself deeply entrenched in Engineering CAD work for his livelihood
to support a new family. As he got more immersed in advanced computer systems,
he discovered his real passion for Digital Photography. Being able to go out on
a shoot and come back with instant results was fantastic, and the computer
became the darkroom.

Two years ago, he bought his first large format photo printer, an HP 800 42" wide.

He used it for design illustrations and digital photography output. A  few years after that,
he upgraded to the finest Photo Quality printer available today.
The Epson Stylus Pro 9600, 44" wide 7 color unit for doing my custom Panoramic images.

In 1999 along with his wife Peg, started "Big Shots Digital Photography and doing selective large
format printing for private groups and clubs.

At this same time, Gary started doing Panoramic Landscape
Photography, by digitally stitching together 2 or more images to make unique
Panoramic pictures.  Gary encourages everyone to try Panoranic Photograghy,
it's great fun. 

All photographs on this site are by Gary Emerson Hart and under his copyright protection.

The digital camera used for all the panoramic shots, are a Canon 50D  or  30D EOS  SLR
15  and 8 megapixels with EF L lens and the images were then digitally stitched together using the software,
 is Adobe Photoshop CS4 or The Panorama Factory.

Santa Cruz Art League Member

CODA  ( Community of Digital Artist ) Member

Gallery Images on display and for sale at: "Pelican Ranch Winery", tasting room now in it's new location
in Capitola, CA, open Friday, Saturday and Sundays...... "Try the Raspberry Wine with chocolate."

New web site for:  "PhotoColors" TM,  photos giclee prints that look like water colors.


Gary Hart Designs.........Office link:;

Phone; 831-425-6510 or Email; ghart9170@gmail.com  


A younger Gary
in Yosemite 1980

Photo by Peg Hart