PHOTOCOLORS.........GALLERY  FOUR            

These are "PhotoColors" TM,  Fine Art Giclee Prints with a "water color" look by Gary Emerson Hart

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Boardwalk Santa Cruz, California                                                             Woodie at the Light House, Santa Cruz

Surfer Statue, Santa Cruz, CA                              Tall Ship, Lady Washington                               Girls Beach Volleyball, SCruz, CA
Boat Aground, Halfmoon Bay, CA                             Pigeon Point Lt. House, CA                          Street Chess Downtown, SCruz, CA
Fishing Boats, Santa Cruz Harbor, CA                       Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia                         Harbor Kayak, Santa Cruz, CA

Gary Emerson Hart also goes by Garrison Hart Photography, Gallery name for simplicity.

See more image history at the following link;  Garrison Hart Photography

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